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 Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire

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PostSubject: Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire   Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 7:15 pm

Full Name: Caroline Rose Grays
Vampire Race: Blood-Drawn Race
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth/ Era Born: May 21st- year unknown. Colonial Times.
Powers: Mind-Control at times, Reading Minds, She can influence people's memories with her mind by looking them in teh eye, her puiple gets larger as she doe sit and then goes backj to it's normal state, Extremely Sensitive Hearing, Extreme Strength, Can run VERY FAST (Unhuman speed), Telepathic powers.
Allergies/ Weaknesses: She is allergic to vervain and wood is poison.
Appearence/ Description: She has soft brown hair taht some times appears to be a dark dirty blonde. She has light green eyes and long lashes. Her skin is slightly tan- rare for a vampire- and flawless. She is slim and petite.
Country Of Origin: France
Bio*: Craoline lived in Philidelphia as an endangered servant. She served as a house maid and was very quiet doing her duties. She wrote poems as a child in France and was fasinated by flowers and their growth.
Caroline was in love with teh son of the woman who had hired her. Thye loved each other veyr much. But their love was secret- between them.
Victor the one she loved had died in war and Caroline was heart-broken. She had then wrote poems of a heart broekn life, and talked to Victor's mother about how she woukld liked to be buried when she was asked.
She had answered: "If I die young, bury me in satin, then kay me down in a canoe filled wth a bed of roses. Sink me at teh river at Dawn and then sen dme away with teh words of a love song."
Caroline was then adopted as Victor's daughter- the heart-broekn mother loved Caroline. Victor's brother was adopted aswell and was a vampire secretly and wnet by teh name of Damon.
Damon was jealous of Victor from day one, and when he went to watch oyt for Victor at teh war, he kille dhim personally for food in bloodlust.
Accidently Damon bit Caroline and Craoline nearly died. He trie dto keep her alive, feeding her his blood after teh doctor came to check on her. Damon gave up on Caroline, after he felt that she wasn't teh one he was looking for.
Caroline's funeral was simple: and was exactly what she wished her.
Everyone left before she sank, and Caroline woke uo gasping for teh air that she could never breath again. Caroline ran away knwoing it was better if no one knew she was really alive after Dracula's note was left in a book of her poems that was found years later and at a museum.
Lamia or Newborn/ Turned By: Turned By Dracula Stoker- Sinetia's pending character
Religion: Christianity
Partner ('Deceased' or 'Alive'): Unknown
Ring Of Identification Description: A black ring that has a back rose engraved in it with her name and Victor's name on the back. It hangs around her neck.
Ring To Go Out In Sunlight Description (Ring Optional): A pearl ring.

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Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire
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PostSubject: Re: Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire   Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 7:17 pm

"APPROVED!!!!!!" ♥

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Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire
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