The Role-Play To The Vampires, Werewolves, Witches And Shape-Shifters Of The Many Series.
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 Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire

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PostSubject: Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire   Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:59 pm

Character Forms~ Vampires

Full Name: Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders
Vampire Race: Blood Drawn Race: The Blood Drawn Race is the original first vampire race, made of the first vampire to exist, Vladimir The Impailer. The vampires who were Blood-Drawn were lamia,born full vampires. Later on vampires started becoming different and they broke off from the race into many different kinds who differed in powers, weaknesses, and strengths.
The race can walk in sunlight without bursting into flames, but it weakens their powers slightly. Sunset is their most powerful time. Also the vampires can have children, and can stop aging when they decide to. Yet, once they decide to age again, their physical appearence accerlerates rapidly to match their true age. (Thanks To L. J. Smith, Night World Series.)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth/ Era Born:October 30th
Powers: Mind-Control at times, Reading Minds, She can influence people's memories with her mind by looking them in teh eye, her puiple gets larger as she doe sit and then goes backj to it's normal state, Extremely Sensitive Hearing, Extreme Strength, Can run VERY FAST (Unhuman speed), Telepathic powers.
Allergies/ Weaknesses:
Appearence/ Description: Aisling-Blaise has long dirty blonde hair that falls a bit beyond her shoulders. Her eyes are a manipulating, beautiful, piercing purple. Ash has a slight tan even for a vampire which most vampires find unusual. Her features seem soft and she has a nice bone structure. Ash is quite slim. Noys fall head over heels for her, and girls think she's Aphrodite re-born.
Personality: Aisling is very cpompetetive and serious. She can be very cruel but veyr deep down she is kind. She dispises anything sweet. Ash doesn't enjoy fairy-tales and hates any other race of vampires.
Country Of Origin: Unites States Of America
Bio*: Ash-Balise was teh only child in her family, and the only daughter of her father. Ash-Blaise's father is one of teh oldest sons of the Lavenders (There was only three and the other two are dead and missing.) and has a spot in the Council Of The Vampires. Ash-Blaise later moved to Russia when she was 10 when her father dissapeared. Her mother had told her that she would later take her father's place when she was 18 if he never returned. Aisling's father has not yet returned and teh rest of the Family was gone missing besides the original one of them all but he was in the HEad Council.
Aisling is related to the Redfern and Ramussens and Harmans.
Aisling later moved to the United States once again. Her mother holds the place so far until Ash turns 18. Ash goes to high school and is secretly as vampire. She drinks blood from the Homeless and knows how to fake the death of her victims.
Lamia or Newborn/ Turned By: Lamia.
Religion: Christian
Partner ('Deceased' or 'Alive'): alive,ryan miller
Ring Of Identification Description: A ring made of black pearl and sterling silver with a black iris, the symbol of lamia.
Ring To Go Out In Sunlight Description (Ring Optional): She is Lamia.
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PostSubject: Re: Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire   Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:14 pm


Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders- Vampire
Sexy, Graceful, Competetive, Gorgeous, She's Deadly Boys

Alicen Courtney Maceys- Enchanter
Outgoing, Bubbly, Smart

Leighton Elena Deschanel- Slayer
Clever, Gorgeous, Deadly, Killer, Un-Merciful

Dawn Jennie Dusk- Slayer
Serious, Deadly, Singer, Depressed, Killer

Luce Scodelario- Shape-Shifter
Bubbly, Curious, Cat-Like

Caroline Rose Grays- Vampire
French, Beauty, Quiet, Keeps To Herself
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PostSubject: Re: Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire   Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:38 pm

u can approve your own charrie form... i didnt know?

i want to says it too!!

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PostSubject: Re: Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire   

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Aisling-Blaise "Ash-Blaise" Lavenders _Vampire
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