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 Dracula Damon Stoker- Vampire/Slayer

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Dracula Damon Stoker- Vampire/Slayer Empty
PostSubject: Dracula Damon Stoker- Vampire/Slayer   Dracula Damon Stoker- Vampire/Slayer I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 3:49 pm

Full Name: Dracula Daemon Stoker
Age: 18
Gender: male
Date Of Birth: March 21
Appearence/ Description:Dark Silver hair, blue eyes, 6'7 in hight, strong with abs.
Personality: un-merciful to werewolves, hates the thought of love, is called the ice skin when he pretends to be 17 to go to school, Sneeky, and a happy person when he see's the night world he stalks them before slicing there necks of and turning the whole body into blood.
Country Of Origin: USA
Bio*: His parents and him lived in a house that was surrounded by the woods, and every day strange people came, thet they i had been punished so i left the house and went to the pond and sat there, then i saw a little lost wolf puppy he knew there was a lot of wolves around this area and i knew how they where about there kids so i picked up the wolf and brought him to the wolf that i knew had been watching me, i didnt care if he beat me i was more worried for the wolf. Then i went walking home and i saw wolves killing my parents till the one that seemed to be the alpha and the wolf that i had seen in the pond then he turned huma and said "we had warned them they hadnt listened and now there gone" then he grabed me and forced me to drink his blood. I had gotten the money in the house that was always left there since dad hadnt trusted banks. I got it and went to the city where i got medicine that a tarot card reader told me would stop my transformation if i kept digesting them. And also since his first kill they always asked him (his victims/the nightworld people) what his name is and he always says "my name is Dracula". Also when he was traveling he learned all fighting tricks (is currently unbeatable)learned sword fighting,gun fighting, and archery.
Weapon: A silver gun with silver bullets, a wood sword
Religion: Christianity
Partner ('Deceased' or 'Alive'): Unknown

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Dracula Damon Stoker- Vampire/Slayer
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