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 darren and steve

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PostSubject: darren and steve   darren and steve I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 15, 2010 2:43 pm

Full Name:Darren Shan
Vampire Race:uhh i guess shans vampires
Age:looks 18 but 30 something
Date Of Birth/ Era Born:august 12 in the 1900s
Powers:can flit (run super fast) able to jump farther than most people, ages slower then most people (ten years go by before he ages one year), has super fast reflexes and kinda superhuman strength
Allergies/ Weaknesses:can only stay in the sun for two hours gets sunburned really fast, drinks blood needs to drink once every week does not drain though takes a little and moves on
Appearence/ Description:Eyes:blue Hair:brown height:6'2" , body type: athletic and strong,white but not pale skin
Personality:a born leader, loves adventure, hates snakes
Country of Origin:england
Bio*:darren was an average teenager. Had a couple friends one best friend,steven
leopard,who he did everything with.his parents were very strick and didn't let him do much. So he
had to sneak out allot.which is why he's so good at sneaking around. The only person he liked in his
family was his little sister anny.
Lamia or Newborn/ Turned By:turned by larten crepsly
Religion:forgot what they called it...
Partner ('Deceased' or 'Alive'): alive, debbie hemlock
Ring Of Identification Description:doesnt have one
Ring To Go Out In Sunlight Description (Ring Optional):doesnt have one

Full Name:Steve 'leopard' Leonard
Vampire Race:Vampaneze
Age:looks 18 (30)
Date Of Birth/ Era Born:october 31 sometime in the 1900s
Powers:same as darrens
Allergies/ Weaknesses:same as darrens but he drinks dry every times
Appearence/ Description:Body Type:athletic Skin Color:white but not pale Eyes:blood red Hair:jet black
Personality:practicly evil, hates vampires, believes he will kill all of them, is the vampanezee lord
Country Of Origin:england
Bio*:steven was conciderd the school bully.all though he had one main friend darren shan after he saved darren from a swirly in 2nd grade. besides haning out with darren or reading his vampire books(cause he realized he was kinda like vlad the impaler minus the liking blood part of coarse) he had nothing to do. his mom was a drunk,his dad left before he was born. short and sweet his life sucked untill he found out he was a half-blood
Lamia or Newborn/ Turned By:turned by something march (forgot his name...)
Religion:forgot the vampanezees religon
Partner ('Deceased' or 'Alive'):none
Ring Of Identification Description::a black skull ring with red eyes
Ring To Go Out In Sunlight Description (Ring Optional):none
Notes:hates vampires but uses vampire hunters to hunt the ones down he doesnt feel like killing or to lazey to kill

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PostSubject: Re: darren and steve   darren and steve I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 15, 2010 2:46 pm

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darren and steve
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