The Role-Play To The Vampires, Werewolves, Witches And Shape-Shifters Of The Many Series.
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 Canon Characters

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PostSubject: Canon Characters   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:02 pm

Night World Volumes No. 1-3 By L. J. Smith

Poppy North- Made-Vampire (Reserved)
James Ramussen - Lamia Vampire
Ash Redfern- Vampire
Jade Redfern- Vampire
Rowain Redfern- Vampire
Krestrel Redfern- Vampire
Thea Harman- Witch (Reserved)
Blaise Harman- Witch (Reserved)
Mary-Lynnette Carter- Vampire
Mark Carter- Vampire
Gillian Lennox- Slightly a Lost Witch (Reserved)
Rashel Jordan-Slayer
John Quinn- Vampire
Thierry Descouedres- Vmapire

The Vampire Diaries By L. J.

Elena Gilbert- Human/ Mortal/ Vermin (Need
Special Permission)
Stefan Salvador- Vampire
Damon Salvador- Vampire
Katherine Pierce- Vampire
Bonnie McCollough- Witch
Caroline Forbes- Vampire
Tyler Smallwood- Werewolf

Cirque Du Freak By Darren Shan

Darren Shan- Vampire Prince - shadeknight.miller
Steven "Leopard" Leonard- Vampaneze Lord - shadeknight.miller
Vancha March-Vampire Prince(need special permision)
Debbie Hemlock-Vampirate(human..)
Arrow-Vampire Prince(need special permision)
Paris Skyle-Vampire Prince(need special permision)
Mika Ver Leth-Vampir Prince (Need Special Permission)
Larten Crepsly-Vampire (Need Special permision)
Evanna-Witch (Need Special Permission)
Morgan James-Vampet
Kurda Smahlt-Vampire General
Seba Nile-Vampire
Vanez Blane-Vampire (most respected tutor, blind in left eye)
Evra Von-Snake Man
Annie Shan-Human
Darrius Shan- Half-Vampire
Alice Burgess-Vampirate (human ex-cop)
Little Kenny-Vampirate

Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer (Your all lucky we are accepting these...)

Edward Cullen- Vampire
Bella Swan-Cullen- Vampire
Renesmee Cullen- Vampire (Need Special Permission)
Rosalie Hale- Vampire
Jasper Hale- Vampire
Alice Cullen- Vampire - AznGirl-luvsju<3
Emmett Cullen- Vampire
Carsliel Cullen- Vampire
Esme Cullen- Vampire
Jacob Black- Werewolf
Leah Clearwater- Werewolf
Seth Clearwater- Wrewolf
Quinn_____- Werewolf
Embry Call- Werewolf
Paul- Werewolf
Collin- Werewolf
Brady- Werewolf

The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod Series By Heather Brewer

Vladimir Tod- Vampire/ Pravus (Need Special Permission)
Joss McMillian- Vampire Slayer (Need Special Permission)
Otis Otis- Vampire
Henry McMillian- Drudge
Snow_____- Vampire (Need Special Permission)

My Sister The Vampire By Sienne Mercer

Ivy Vega- Vampire
Olivia Abbott- Human/ Mortal/ Vermin

Buffy The Vampire Slayer By_____?

Buffy Summers- Vampire Slayer

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Characters   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:09 pm

heh...yea do i just make a forum for darren and steve or what?
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Characters   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Characters   Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:15 pm

OMG!!! haha lol!!

Liliana Mayces- Enchanter/15
Charlotte Reeves- Slayer/ 15
Alice Cullen- Vampire/ 17
Jasmine Vu- Shapeshifter/ 16

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Characters   

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Canon Characters
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